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Why live in Mauritius Island ?

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Mauritius : Beautiful and Vibrant

This volcanic island, called the island of rainbows and shooting stars, has a mild climate and is always sunny.

Mauritius has many rivers and hiking paths, and is bordered by spectacular beaches and lagoons.

This cross-cultural and peaceful destination is extremely welcoming and has a modern infrastructure which meets international needs.


from Several Tax Benefits

Leaf pictogram Le Domaine de Mahé

Mauritius is a dynamic island due to the hospitality policy implemented by the government, and benefits from an advantageous tax system.
Thanks to the Property Development Scheme (PDS), foreign nationals can purchase real estate property subject to acceptance from the BOI (Board of Investment).
By purchasing real estate with a value of at least 500,000 USD, foreign owners even benefit from permanent resident status.

Benefits of Mauritian Taxation

  • A personal tax rate of 15% for all income, including rental income,
  • Dual tax treaties with France,
  • Mauritius-source real estate income (such as rent) is only taxable in Mauritius. The foreign owner must simply pay the 15% local tax,
  • Any real estate purchased in Mauritius will not be taxable in France,
  • No capital gains tax if you sell your property in Mauritius,
  • No property tax and no council tax.
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Domaine de Mahé

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Investment and Profitability

The Domaine de Mahé was set up and is run by the ARKITA Group for investors who want to optimise and diversify their assets.

Investing in real estate abroad requires trust, time, expertise and advice.
We promise to help you every step of the way during your purchase :

  • Project presentation,
  • Site tour,
  • Review of your budget and goals,
  • Contact with the BOI (Mauritius Board of Investment),
  • Banking partnership to set up and finance your project,
  • Assistance with school registrations, administrative bodies,
  • Advices with healthcare organisations,
  • Legal and tax assistance, help creating a company.

We’ve chosen expert advisors and certified public accountants :

  • Solicitor for the transaction : Mr. André Le Blanc
  • Legal, financial and tax advice : Cabinet Jovan, AXYS
  • Law firm in Mauritius : DLB Chambers, ENS Africa
  • Assistance with obtaining a mortgage : Afrasia MCB

Retirement :
A Bright Future Awaits

Mauritius Island is known as one of the best places to retire due to its extraordinary climate, remarkable natural resources, and high-quality and practical infrastructure; the cost of living is lower than in France (about 40%)*.

Investing in real estate provides you with the privilege of becoming a resident and benefiting from all the tax advantages attached to this status, including a double tax treaty between Mauritius and France. This means that your pensions and income will only be taxed at 15%.

Come and enjoy the ambience of the Indian Ocean lifestyle in the luxurious setting of the Domaine de Mahé.

* L’Express, Votre Argent (February 2017)

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